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We are looking for teams to donate monthly.....

Why Free Mobile Clinics?

Studies in the last 2 years show approximately 1 in 5 Americans are not covered by medical insurance. This includes children and adults under age 65. 

People without medical insurance typically skip doctor visits until a health condition becomes serious.  Many times, when they do access health services, they are often burdened with large medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses. 

Let's add to the conversation the ongoing needs for dental and eye care.

Pathway to Health exists to serve the physical needs of these underserved by providing free mobile clinics offering medical, surgical, dental, eye care and other services.

Pathway to Health is able to offer these clinics by bringing together health care professionals and support staff who volunteer their services for a 3-4 day event.  

How Do We Do It?

Pathway to Health is able to offer these clinics by bringing together volunteers from world wide. Health care professionals, support staff, church members, people from all backgrounds volunteer their time.

We have received donations of equipment over the last years, but there are always costs to hold these clinics. 

How Can YOU Fit In?

TEAMS of donors! A team can be:

  • a church

  • a group of co-workers

  • a circle of friends

  • an academy

  • a partner group

  • an individual

  • a Bible study group

  • a book club

And can be as many people as you want.

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Team Application
Monthly amount of donation:

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