See the many ways you can be part of our mission.


Sponsor a patient

Pathway to Health has seen tens of thousands of patients over the last 6 years, each one receiving free dental, medical or vision care among other services free of charge to them. Your $100 sponsors a patient for this inclusive experience.

$22 FOr '22

Pathway to Health is setting a goal for each person who sees this to donate $22 for our event in Indianapolis in 2022. 


$22 from 5,000 people raises

$110,000 to help with equipment, medications, supplies and the many other needs for a mega clinic.

sponsor Indianapolis mega clinic

Our next mega clinic is April 17-21 , 2022

Volunteer dates April 14-21, 2022

Gifts are greatly appreciated to help support Pathway to Health's mission in Indianapolis.

Sponsor a Meal

Pathway to Health provides meals for patients and volunteers over the 3 day clinic. The cost adds up quickly with the number of volunteers and the thousands of patients for each event.

PPE for volunteers

Pathway to Health is focused on providing a safe environment for our volunteers and patients. Your donation helps us provide gowns, masks, eye protection, gloves, full body suits and many other personal protective equipment.


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