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Physician/Physician Assistant

Application Process for Limited Scope-Temporary License Indiana


Access the Indiana Medical Board Web Site:



  1. Click  Application for licensure

  2. Click   Instruction and application for non-renewable Limited Scope Temporary Med Permit

  3. The application will download on your computer

  4. You will need to send:

$100.00 check or money order

Passport Photo

Notarized copy of your medical degree

Notarized copy of your medical license

Official Transcripts from your institution sent directly to them  from  your school.

Out of country transcripts need to be translated and notarized


All information is on the website.

DO NOT SEND BY US MAIL; SEND FED EX OR UPS. I recommend sending them over night.

Mark to the attention of Christine Cowdin.

They need to be received by 2/14/2022.  But no earlier than 2/1/2022. If for some reason yours is late, please notify me right away. The board is difficult to reach. I will help you.


If you previously applied for our 2020 event DO NOT REAPPLY

Email me at any payment info you have from that time period and or a copy of the original application that was sent.

You may also reach me at 951-232-2619 by text or call.


           Thank You for making this event possible!!


                        Barbara Bolivar

                       Director, Primary Care Dept./ Medical Licensing

The following are the instructions for licensure at the Indiana State Board of Physical Therapy:


  1. Go to the Indiana Board of Physical Therapy :


  1. Apply on line for Licensure by Endorsement


  1. You will need the application fee


  1. Log on to FSBPT and request your scores be sent to Indiana State Board


  1. Have your transcripts sent to the Board of Indiana


  1. You will need an Affirmation of Supervision. In the search button : affirmation of supervision. Have it completed and signed by an Indiana Licensed Physical Therapist. Once signed you may upload it your self.


  1. I was informed it will take the board about 4 weeks, although it can be sooner. They are working quickly.


  1. Although it states you need a background check, I confirmed with the board that you do not.



Hope to see you all there!!!




Thank you so much for volunteering to help at Pathway to Health Indianapolis April 17-20.

The pen of inspiration says:

The burden of disease and wretchedness and sin He came to remove. It was His mission to bring to men complete restoration; He came to give them health and peace and perfection of character -MH, 1.

In speaking with the Indiana Board of Nursing and realizing that in many areas you will be volunteering at Pathway to Health will not be relegated or within the nursing scope of practice. There will be many areas in which taking vitals, blood sugar checks, rooming patients, assisting patients through the flow of specialities will be essential and your direct involvement as expert nurse is so vital to the Pathway to Health Team success. We need your expertise, experience, and skill set to assess, assess, and assess in helping patients experience the love of God through free medical, dental, and vision services.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. Do I need to be licensed in Indiana as a registered nurse?

If you are specifically working in the areas of women’s health, primary care, surgery, and dermatology, YES you need to have an Indiana nursing license. Please apply for your Indiana nursing license if you do not have this as soon as possible. Nurses who are giving injections, assisting with procedures or in surgery must have their Indiana nursing license.

2. Which license should I apply for in Indiana: The Covid Temporary License or the regular nursing license with temporary endorsement?

We are encouraging all registered nurses and licensed practical nurses to apply for the covid temporary license. At present this is in effect until March 31, 2022 and we understand that it has been extended five times thus far for covid and are anticipating that it will be extended again. This is free of charge SO EVERY NURSE SHOULD EASILY APPLY FOR THIS. My prayer is that this will be extended once again and we will have coverage for our April 2022 event. In my experience, the turnaround process has been fairly quick from application to actual physical copy of my Indiana license which was within a few days to a week. Go to question 4 for questions regarding a regular Indiana nursing/temporary license. The website link is as follows:

PLA: COVID-19 Temporary Healthcare Provider Registry

3. What if I am licensed in a compact state?

Okay, there are 37 states that are a part of the nursing compact states and if for example you are licensed in TN, KY or any of the compact states go directly to your state nursing licensing board and apply for the compact state license which is an additional licensure endorsement to your existing nursing license.

4. What if my nursing licensed state is not a part of the compact states, how do I obtain a Indiana nursing license/temporary license?

Go to the Indiana board of nursing website: and then apply for a nursing license by endorsement that fee is $50.00 and to expedite this process you will also apply for a $10.00 temporary license fee which totals $60.00 that you will pay, non-refundable. In my personal experience, Indiana is a walk-thru state meaning it is easy to apply and obtain temporary licenses within a few days to less than a week. Please have this done by March 25, 2022. The website link is below:

IN RN License by Endorsement

5. Calling all nurse practitioners we need you, so what does this mean?

We need nurse practitioners to be licensed in Indiana by endorsement for this event, NP’s will not have prescriptive authority, however will continue to have a collaborative relationship with the physicians in providing provider care for the patients during this event. The fee for this application is $50.00 non-refundable. Please apply ASAP since this may take some time. Please apply before March 15, 2022. The website is as follows:

Indiana Advanced Practice Nurse License Application by Endorsement

Indiana Advanced Practice Nurse Information

Indiana Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Checklist

6. What if I am a retired nurse, I just want to help and I am not interested in seeking an Indiana license?

Awesome, we still need you. Please come, participate, and do not worry about an Indiana license. There are so many areas that we can lean upon you for your expertise,

experience, and know how to help us with. We need greeters, triage/intake, educators, security, transporters, help in children’s ministries, and many other areas to name a few.

7. How can I volunteer to Pathway To Health?

For everyone, please sign up ASAP as a volunteer and list the areas that you would like to be utilized in. The web address is as follows:

Pathway To Health Volunteer Site

8. When is departmental orientation?

Closer to the event, each department will be having their own orientation and reaching out to you with that specific information.

9. What should I bring?

Bring your own pens, notebook, stethoscope, BP cuff, comfortable shoes, snacks/water and/or nursing bag/book bag. N95/surgical masks/hand sanitizer will be provided. Please look professional, neat in attire; scrubs are fine and please avoid individual hospital logos on the scrubs. Please avoid wearing heavy cologne and perfumes. Name badges/tags will be provided.

10. Do I have to work everyday?

No you do not. Clinic dates are April 17-20, 2022. We would like you to make the commitment to at least work the full shift of whatever day you decide to volunteer. We would love to have you for all the days or for whatever you are able to commit to.

11. Covid-19 vaccinations for nursing volunteers?

Are recommended however, not mandated. The protocol for safety from Covid-19 infection will be finalized shortly before the event.

Updated information will continue to be available on the Pathway To Health Website so keep abreast of this ever changing information.

Also, if you have individual questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at or cell phone 574-876-5248.


Donna Teat

Nursing Director

Pathway to Health

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