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We have had many questions about the policies for Covid-19 that will be in place at the upcoming Pathway to Health event. Based on current safety information, and current usual medical practice we are presenting the policies that we expect to implement, though there may be changes to these policies if there are significant changes in the local spread of infections or if new information becomes available before the event. 

Our current plans have been reviewed and approved by state and county officials.

We recommend that our volunteers have full vaccination for Covid-19 plus a booster, but vaccination is not required for participation in the event. We welcome volunteers regardless of vaccination status. 


  • Medical professionals with direct patient contact should wear N95 masks, including those in medical and surgical specialties, volunteers in the optical department, radiology, and other medical areas.

  • All staff in the dental department and surgical services departments should wear N95 masks, shields or goggles, and gowns.  Other providers doing procedures should wear the same. Dental and surgical staff should wear a level 1 surgical mask over the N95. The surgical mask can be changed between patients and the N95 left on. 

  • Volunteers screening patients for Covid-19, those at registration (main and department registrations), at exit management, and in triage should wear N95 masks.

  • Beauticians, Massage therapists and Physical therapists should wear N95 masks.

  • The rapid response team should wear N95 masks at all times and gowns and eye protection (shield or goggles) when caring for patients. 

  • We are planning to have several options for N95 masks.  Comfort and visibility are considered in the choices.

  • Volunteers with minimal patient contact or the ability to maintain distance of more than 6 feet from others at all times will be allowed to wear KN95 masks. This may include volunteers in venue services that do not enter the dental or surgical procedure suites and may include those in patient assistance transport services.  Anyone preferring to wear an N95 mask will be provided one. The N95 mask offers superior protection to both the wearer and contacts.

  • All volunteers should wear gloves when contacting patients and will follow universal precautions as outlined in the main exposure control plan that all volunteers review when registering on our website.

  • All children in the children’s departments should wear masks except for those under age 2 years. Volunteers working in the children’s departments should wear KN95 or N95 masks and may add a surgical mask if desired.

  • Well-fitting masks will be required to be worn during evening programs, Sabbath programming and all meetings connected with the event.


Testing for Covid-19

All volunteers should self-test using a home antigen test for Covid-19 and present results at check-in.  All volunteers attending the event for more than two days should test with a home antigen test for Covid-19 two times to ensure safety at our event.

  • Each volunteer will self- test with a Covid-19 antigen home test within 24 hours of arriving at the stadium. We recommend that volunteers run their test before leaving home. ·    

  • The second test will be done 48 to 60 hours after the first test.

  • Proof of a negative test will be required at check-in for the event. Take a picture of the test result and the box label when you administer the test. Then show it at check-in.   One test, the “On-go test”, sends a result to your phone and this is acceptable. 

We plan to send a list of test options 2 weeks before the event. 
We hope to provide free tests, at least for the second test. These will require registration with a company that brings them. Volunteers may still choose to bring and administer their own second test if they prefer.

Exception: Any volunteer with proof of a Covid-19 infection within 90 days before the event will not be required to test for Covid-19. Such proof should be in the form of a positive PCR or antigen test which includes date of test, patient’s name, and name of provider or testing clinic.

We are attempting to space waiting areas, lines, registration, and tables etc. so that patients remain 6 feet or more apart.  Volunteers who cannot maintain this distance because of the nature of their service will be wearing N95 masks. We ask all volunteers in other services that don’t require close patient contact to maintain the distance of 6 feet from others. 


Volunteers who develop symptoms consistent with a Covid-19 infection should not attend the event. This can include new cough, nasal symptoms, sore throat, headache, and body aches, vomiting or diarrhea, change of taste or smell, fever, shortness of breath. If you develop these symptoms after you have arrived and started working, please contact your department head about your symptoms and isolate from other people. 

We ask that volunteers exercise caution while in Indianapolis. When outside the stadium we recommend that you wear masks in public, especially in crowded places and avoid crowds when possible.  We recommend you eat in small groups such as with family or roommates. People who have been vaccinated or have had previous infections can spread the virus even if they do not feel symptoms. Some of our patients and volunteers may be more vulnerable to this infection than you may be. Your consideration of everyone’s health and safety is appreciated.


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